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Drawings from the collection of Eric Sack

This is a work in progress. New art is added all the time. I’m always interested in acquiring better examples.

The Archive is organized alphabetically by artist, with each artist’s drawings in an album of their work. Some artists have only one or two drawings in the collection, while others have many.

Use the Artist Index to select an artist whose drawings you’d like to view. Clicking on the artist’s name will bring you to a gallery page. Some gallery pages include small images that link to the artist’s full-size drawings, while other gallery pages contain a link to the artist’s Images page. In either case, when you click on the small image, it will open the full-size drawing of that piece.

To search by Artist, Publication, or Year, click on the Sidebar link (top right) to view the search box.

To return to the Gallery’s Artist Directory, click on the LINES ON PAPER link at the upper left of each page. For a link to the Artist Index, click on the Home link at the top of each page.

Note: Sizes shown on individual drawing pages are the image size and not the paper size.

The drawings in the Underground Comix Art Gallery include work by some of the most popular artists in this medium, as well as many lesser known, but equally talented, individuals. To view over 1,000 drawings in our Gallery, please complete and submit a Password Request using the form on the Contact page. When your Request is approved, you will receive an email containing your user name and password, usually within 24 hours. When you receive your login credentials, return to this page and click on an artist’s name below to enter, or visit the Login Page directly.